Sanctuary is a student led literary and arts journal. Submissions are collected, pieces are reviewed, and the book is published completely by Honors Program students. All students on the Sanctuary editorial board are from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and we pride ourselves with publishing quality content every year for Southern Regional Honors colleges to enjoy. We see Sanctuary as a way for honors students in the Southeast to showcase their artistic talent, whether they be pursuing art as their career or as a healthy break from the sciences. In Sanctuary, we show the best of the work that southern collegiate honors students create and help these fantastic poets, artists, and writers gain some recognition and see their work published in a physical book.

Within this website, you will be able to see past works and journals from our collection, as well as some of the ways you can submit yourself. All students and faculty that are current members of the Southern Regional Honors Council are eligible to submit work. This includes current students and alumni, current and former honors faculty, and any students who have participated in an honors course. Submissions must be original works that have not been previously published.

The mission of the Southern Regional Honors Council is to promote and advance the Honors Programs and Honors Colleges in the South. The SRHC currently comprises 105 member institutions.

Our main objective of SRHC is to organize an annual conference. The annual conference permits the dissemination of honors student research and creative work and sharing of the best administrative and faculty practices. We also offer a number of SRHC grants, which provide monetary support for scholarship and leadership to member individuals and institutions. Support is offered to students participating in National Collegiate Honors Council-sponsored experiential programs, such as Partners in the Parks, NCHC Semesters, and NCHC Winterims, as well as for other research, programs, and projects in member institutions.


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The current heads of the journal are:

Samantha Richardson - Co Editor
Samantha Richardson – Co Editor
Austin Murdaugh - Co Editor
Austin Murdaugh – Co Editor









The faculty adviser is:

Rusty Rushton